Yep, that’s right. PRL’s an MBE supplier-and we render thermally broken products! Certified since 2017, our minority owned vendor status affords you multiple benefits and our line of thermally broken products delivers even greater energy efficiency. So, when you bid with us, you’ll have access to even more premium quality products for your MBE proposals that can entitle you to tax breaks, publicly awarded contracts and government jobs. So, it’s a win-win and just a couple of the many reasons you should shop with us. Call now to order and get in on your MBE benefits! 800-433-7044

MBE / Minority Owned Supplier Benefits:

  • Qualifies you for publicly awarded contracts
  • Reduces federal & state tax liabilities
  • Increases your chances of winning government jobs
  • Receive many tax rebates, incentives & credits
  • Qualifies you to bid on state & federal contracts
  • Government buildings, schools transit facilities & more!

Thermally Broken Product Lines:

Why Shop at PRL:

  • Fastest lead-times in the industry
  • Same day glass options
  • Superior quality product made in-house
  • Endless glass & aluminum customizations
  • Competitive pricing & frequent promotions!
  • Dedication to excellent customer service
  • Family-owned business means more personalized service

Deal direct with PRL! We’re an MBE supplier and render thermally broken products. We value your opinions!! So, leave us a review on our Google page so we can improve our products or customer service. Write your review now!
When you shop with us, you won’t risk your deadlines or the quality!

Fastest Lead-Times in The Industry!

PRL Glass Systems, Inc.
13644 Nelson Ave
City of Industry, CA. 91746
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