Order PRL’s new and improved thermally broken accordion bifold sliders! Now, they’re thermally broken for even more cost savings! Built with thermally broken frames our sliding doors prevent heat transfer, and equipped with weatherstripping, they grant greater protection from the elements. Made in vast configurations, track options and finishes, our patio sliders will meet your needs. We generate these aluminum framed bifold doors in our facility. Using top-hung rollers and smooth-sliding floor guides, they deliver unobstructed entries with panels that neatly fold into a side-stacked orientation. So, specify our thermally broken accordion sliders now! They keep interior temps stable and arrive in half the lead-time as others! 

Accordion Slider Thermally Broken Frame Features:

  • Frames prevent heat transfer
  • Thermal break in seal stabilizes interior temperatures
  • Weatherstripping delivers extra protection from elements
  • Anodized, mill, dual tones, powder coats & Kynar paints

Exterior Bifold Door Features:

  • Thermally broken doors & frames
  • Top-hung rollers 
  • Smooth sliding floor guides
  • State-of-the-art seal systems
  • 4 bottom track options
  • Heavy duty stainless steel hinges for oversized doors
  • Panels easily fold into side-stacked orientation

Thermally Broken Accordion Bifold Slider Configurations:

  • Produced with up to 16 panels per system
  • 8 doors max each direction
  • 2-8 panel options
  • In-line systems
  • Multi-panel units
  • Custom layouts

Available Glass Types:

  • Tempered & laminated
  • Low E, IG & sound control
  • Spandrel, tinted & reflective
  • Textured, glue chipped & sandblasted
  • Switch-It Privacy Glass!

BiFold Door with switch it privacy glass

Complete Movable Systems, Taking Privacy Glass to the Next Level! 

Buy thermally broken accordion bifold sliders at PRL! They’re new and improved for even more cost savings. Need something right away? Quote with us online! Available 24/7, we’re there when you need us. See how easy it is!

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