Need rainbow color laminated glass that won’t lose its brilliance? Bid at PRL! We offer 12 standard fade resistant interlayers with many benefits. Made with heat and light stable pigments instead of dyes, our Rainbow colors remain vibrant. We render this laminated glass in various make-ups and sizes. Granting added strength and safety, these interlayers will meet your building codes. And crafted in over 1,000 custom shades, our color laminated glass brings vast decorative options to your projects.

Rainbow Color Laminated Glass Benefits:

  • 12 Rainbow interlayers match industry standard tints
  • Block UV rays & decrease sound travel
  • Meet ANSI safety standards & ASTM Laminated Architectural Flat Glass standards
  • Allow varying light transmission without compromising structural performance or varying glass thickness
  • Endless Applications: Curtainwalls, storefronts, entry doors, fences, gates, cubicles, railing systems & more

12 Standard & Custom Rainbow Colors:

  • Grays: Ocean Gray, Evening Shadow & Smoke Gray
  • Blues: True Blue, Aquamarine & Sapphire Blue
  • Reds: Deep Red, Coral Rose & Ruby Red
  • Yellows & Oranges: Tangerine, Golden Light & Sahara Sun
  • Over 1,000 Custom Shades!: Combine colors & create transparent or opaque hues

Laminated Make-Ups: Colored Interlayers Applied To:

  • Annealed glass panels
  • Heat strengthened glass sheets
  • Tempered glass panels

Laminated Sheet Sizes & Glass Thicknesses

  • Sizes: Up to 96″ x 155″
  • Thicknesses: ¼” to 3”

Watch PRL’s new video to learn how Rainbow Colored Laminated Glass is manufactured in-house…

PRL extends its laminated glass capabilities with modern color glass interlayer’s.

Quote PRL’s color laminated glass. We sell standard and custom fade resistant interlayers with many benefits. Get easy, hassle-free shopping! Using our online portal, you can buy any time of day without long lines or phone delays!

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