Buy rapid dryset sidelite rails at PRL. We’re the experts who answer your questions. Ever wonder which all-glass framing projects these sections can be used for? How about their benefits, or what heights and lengths you can order? We address all these topics and more below. Extruded in-house from the finest aluminum, our framing materials meet several specs. Sold in tapered and squared profiles, you can get these sidelite rails in anodized, cladded, custom powder coated and Kynar painted finishes. Read on to learn more!

What Are Your Rapid Dryset Sidelite Rail Benefits?

  • Fast & easy installation! No messy cement!
  • Dry glaze method & EPDM compression vinyl
  • Glass panels fit perfectly into top & bottom horizontal rails
  • Included Setting Tracks: Ensure proper adjacent door rail alignment
  • Massive Inventory: Shipping within 24 hrs. locally & nationwide!

Which Sidelite Heights & Lengths Can I Specify?

  • Available Heights: 2 3/8” to 10”
  • Available Lengths: 120” & custom per your plans

Do These Rails Fit Many Glass Types & Thicknesses?

  • Glass Thicknesses Accommodated: 3/8” to ¾”
  • Accepted Glass Types:
  • Clear tempered, laminated & low iron
  • Reflective, tinted & textured

Where Can I Use Dryset Sidelite Rails?

  • All-Glass Framing Applications:
  • Entrance doors & adjacent windows
  • Floor-to-ceiling & frameless storefronts
  • Partitions & glass displays
  • Oversized glass surrounds & more!

Shop PRL’s Dryset Sidelite Rails for the Best in All-Glass Framing.

Bid PRL’s rapid dryset sidelite rails. Get your questions answered by the experts. Sharing our knowledge and quality products since 1989, we know glass and aluminum. Save time and order online! Available 24/7, it’s the easy way to shop!

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